The Tyrant is a powerful hunter. Despite being smaller than Spinosaurus, it can kill a majority of the other dinosaurs easily. The only things it should fear are large packs of rexes or spinos, raptors, and, of course, Godzillas. It is a little bigger than a T-Rex and its looks resemble the Indominus Rex from Jurassic World. This dinosaur is expensive, with the base dinosaur costing 3500 credits.


Damage: 60

Speed: 27

Health: 1300

Skins: Desert, Forest, Electro, Demon, Gold, and Dark.

Compared to the basic T-Rex, it has 5 more in damage, 2 more in speed and 300 more health. In Dino Wars, it should be noted that it can't defeat multiple Rexes without dying. Using this Dino skillfully, it is possible to defeat three Rexes in a row before being destroyed by the fourth. (If you have done better, please insert that here.)

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