Skins cost credits, and are used to make your dinosaur look different.

T-Rex Skins

T-Rex (Brown): 150 Credits

T-Rex (Green): 200 Credits

T-Rex (Orange): 200 Credits

T-Rex (Gray): 150 Credits

Albino T-Rex: 600 Credits

Toxic T-Rex: 1000 Credits

T-Rex (Feathers): 1250 Credits

Inferno T-Rex: 1500 Credits

Magma T-Rex: 2250 Credits

Robo T-Rex: 3000 Credits

Raptor Skins

Raptor (Brown) 800 Credits

Raptor (Gray): 800 Credits

Raptor (Green): 1000 Credits

Raptor: (Orange): 1000 Credits

Albino Raptor: 1500 Credits

Toxic Raptor: 1750 Credits

Inferno Raptor: 2000 Credits

Magma Raptor: 2500 Credits

Robo Raptor: 3000 Credits

Spinosaurus Skins

Spino (Brown): 1250 Credits

Spino (Gray): 1250 Credits

Spino (Green): 1250 Credits

Spino (Orange): 1250 Credits

Spino (Yellow): 1300 Credits

Premium Skins

Premium skins are skins that are either unobtainable, cost robux, or given out to only certain people.

Golden Spino: Requires Hunter Gamepass, 1250 Robux

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